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    Monday, August 6th, 2001
    7:18 pm
    First entry third division
    I have realized my journal is public, I've also realized I am running on a old fashion binary computer. I cannot belive they still make these. Unless my mind is changed I will make my journal private as soon as I realize how to. Meanwhile, to any on lookers. This is private, it is probably fake, do not beleive anything you read. But if you are to read this, start from the bottom or you will more puzzled then you should be. Don't ask me to explain anything either.

    For my self: I did not encounter any trouble securing old fashion money. As suspected money was kept in the steel vaults in sqaure building protected by gliche filled computers. I did realize I am not susposed to be here and am working on securing an identification card without arrousing suspiction. What a waste of paper and metal money are. I only wish I could take some back with me, but I was warned against bringing back too much because it is unkown what effect the more matter I have with me wlll have on the concavity in time. A real sore in the thumb to carry around is money.
    6:52 pm
    First Entry second division
    Note to self I made a grammatical error in my last entry. I said ""paper and pencil" dictionary" when I meant "journal" instead of "dictionary". Also in my haste I forgot to write about something very peculiar that happened as I was installing the internet, if you can even call it that, on my computer. I was forced to make a password to enter the on-line realm even though I know I am the only person who will use my screen name. To make matters worse, I had to make it six letters. I don't know why they are trying to help me like this, I'm flattered in a way, but also I can see how this can be annoying. I only hope such things are limited to internet, because when used in government unessary helpfullness will surely ruin any society. By the way, I succame to my hunger and took a lunch pill. I am having trouble sleeping in regular gravity and excessive coldness. I feel like I froze and way at least 120 pounds.
    6:31 pm
    First entry
    Be for warned: To any one who may be reading this: I'm using an electric dictionary as opposed to a manual "pencil and paper" dictionary because my hands are not conditioned to write. In my time writing has become out dated. Please excuse any spelling errors I make, my knowledge of reading old fashion American is limited to a two week crase course I took before my journey. I would apreciate it if you did not read my personal entrys, they are intended soley for record keeping purposes incase my data keeper breaks.

    Today is my first day in this time. This is as far back as present day science could send me. I am here to observe a society my time knows little about. All the records of this society were some how lost in what is theorized to be some sort of terroist action or maybe a gliche in computers. I have begone practicing eating food, something new to me. I have heard from the country people that chewing should come naturally, but it really isn't. I am tempted just to take a lunchpill but I fear if I do not practice chewing my gums will never reach the strength they need to intake food, and I cannot estimate how long I will have to stay here, so my supply of lunchpills is uncertain. I ate what is called a "hamberger". It was hard to chew, if I was chewing right. It tasted disguisting, but my palete is most certainly unadvanced to such things. I felt definate stomach pains which is probably caused from the acids in teh hamberger and the streching of my stomach. It is very cold here, only about 90 farenhete. That is another thing, I have to get used to farenhete and old fashion measurement. I think this will end my log for today, I am too exausted to write any more.